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I Know ive been on this board alot , but i,m still unsure if this drunk outb of it feeling is anxiety , ive had this feeling for about 22 months none stop i never have a good day , i cant get up in the morning because i feel like ive been on a night out of drinking i feel totally like ive got a hangover without any drink , i feel that ill and out of it , its getting really getting hard to do normal thins when i feel so out of it its just like ive drunk 10 pints of beer but i havent touch a drop, had loads of blood test dond had a ct scan and everything comes back normal , been on loads of diffrent antidepressant and nothing works in fact i feel more out of it when im on them, seen loads of people about feeling like this doctors, psychiatrist , and they say they think its anxiety and depression but i,m not sure if it is because nothings getting shut of these feeling i,m sick of feeling like this anybody who can help me please or feels just the same please get back to me .
Hey tweeny:

As someone who has the same affliction as you, I've read your posts often and understand how you feel.

Have you done any research on dissocative disorders? Because you may have depersonalization. It's interesting that your psych is dismissing your ailment. May be time to find a doctor that'll listen to you.

Anyway, depersonaliztion has many causes and is treatable. There's a wide belief that trauma triggers it and the only way to cure it is through therapy, like EMDR or CBT. Most psychs won't do that. They will only prescribe meds and refer you to someone who can actually treat you.

I'm going through EMDR right now, so I'll let you know if it works for me.

Keep your chin up. There's better days for all of us. ;)

hey tweeny,
I am always on the inner ear disorder forum, because I have this same type of symptom that you describe, but I think mine is coming from an inner ear problem, or migraine-associated vertigo syndrome. Anyway, I thought I'd come check out this forum, since anxiety and inner ear problems often go hand-in-hand. I have problems with constant dizziness, constant ringing in my ears, terrible daily headaches.... but the absolute worst feeling I have which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 2.5 years is a feeling of being drugged (like I just woke up from anesthesia), walking around in a dream, feeling trapped in my head, or like I am looking through a camera lens.... and even these descriptions don't describe the sensation as well as I wish I could describe it. I always feel drugged.... and I take no medications, I do not use drugs or alcohol.... in fact, I would be afraid that taking meds or drinking alcohol would only intensify the feeling of being drugged and disconnected. I also have extreme fatigue with these symptoms. You may not have any problems with dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus, etc... but the drugged feeling you describe sounds a lot like what I have been going through... and there are a lot of people over on the inner ear disorder forum which describe this feeling too. And yes, I have had it continually for 2.5 years!! It is a horrible symptom, isn't it? It's always on your mind because it is always there, and because it feels so awful. Anyway, I'd be glad to share more with you! Take care. Hope to hear from you!
Tweeney, I am still suffering from the same thing. It has gotten better with time.

I have read two books that really helped me with this. I don' have the names of them with me but will write the names for you later.

You should be thankful that they have not found anything. You are healthy!! That is great news. Just keep thinking of that.

one question I have been asked over and over by doctors is if I am getting enough sleep. Which I don't - I get up a few times a night. Are you sleeping OK? This can cause our "drunk feelings" to be worse.
Tweeny, could you be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or a Middle Ear infection, or Sinus problems. I had a chronic Sinus infection for 12 months and felt exactly the same as you. This was 3 yrs ago and I ended up having an operation and it all went away. Finally the cloud lifted and I have been good ever since. Maybe get your DR to check these things out. Also having a baby makes you very tired and I bet you are not getting sleep. Little people keep their parents up at night. Sorry for you, it sounds a bit worse than that, but I do remember when my babies were young I felt like a fog and drunk all the time. Good luck with your recovery.

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