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hey tweeny,
I am always on the inner ear disorder forum, because I have this same type of symptom that you describe, but I think mine is coming from an inner ear problem, or migraine-associated vertigo syndrome. Anyway, I thought I'd come check out this forum, since anxiety and inner ear problems often go hand-in-hand. I have problems with constant dizziness, constant ringing in my ears, terrible daily headaches.... but the absolute worst feeling I have which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 2.5 years is a feeling of being drugged (like I just woke up from anesthesia), walking around in a dream, feeling trapped in my head, or like I am looking through a camera lens.... and even these descriptions don't describe the sensation as well as I wish I could describe it. I always feel drugged.... and I take no medications, I do not use drugs or alcohol.... in fact, I would be afraid that taking meds or drinking alcohol would only intensify the feeling of being drugged and disconnected. I also have extreme fatigue with these symptoms. You may not have any problems with dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus, etc... but the drugged feeling you describe sounds a lot like what I have been going through... and there are a lot of people over on the inner ear disorder forum which describe this feeling too. And yes, I have had it continually for 2.5 years!! It is a horrible symptom, isn't it? It's always on your mind because it is always there, and because it feels so awful. Anyway, I'd be glad to share more with you! Take care. Hope to hear from you!

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