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I'm 23 and I've suffered for years with unexplained nausea and a phobia of vomiting called emetophobia. During my teens I had regular panic attacks, constant nausea and not wanting to talk to people for fear of being uninteresting. I went to countless Doctors about it and none told me it was anxiety. Now I'm 23, earlier in the year I went to India and picked up an intestinal parasite and became very ill for 3 months. I'm slightly better now, but I've reached the point where I won't see my friends because every time I'm around anyone else I start to feel really nauseous. I start thinking "where is the bathroom? when can I leave?" I don't answer the phone or reply to messages and I will only communicate with everyone except my parents through writing or email. I just can't stand the pressure of other people's company. Even when I'm forced into other's company (like in a grocery store etc) I feel like I'm locked in my head - my eyes will just focus on one thing, like a pepper grinder as some kind of "safe" object and I will hear things going on around me but not fully "hear" them until a few seconds after they've been said. I feel like I'm constantly on the edge of vomiting but I never actually vomit. My heart is always going mad in my chest, even when I'm lying down and I am only "okay" when I am completely on my own. This is no way for someone to live and I keep losing friends unless we have an email relationship. I've been to the doctor about it, but he says it's not anxiety, it's gastritis - [COLOR="Red"]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] I'd just like to ask, IS this anxiety? Because no-one will believe me. Just because I don't go out in public or see anyone, I've got no-one knowing what's going on in my head. I feel like I'm constantly internally imploding but expending vasts amount of energy on keeping it inside so that I won't get a reaction from someone and therefore have to communicate with them. I really don't know what to do anymore.

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