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Well this is day 4 into 10mg a day and I have slept more in the last few nights than I have in the last few weeks literally, not terrible bad cant stay awake sleep all day stuff, just good solid 9 hrs sleep at night, used to be id be up anxious or thinking easily till like 4,5,6am then waking up looking at the clock alot till at 830am. Now I am in bed by midnight sleeping thru till like 8-9am solid and even more cool I didn't wake up once!

Still trying to understand what VIVID dreams are, I have dreams but they don't seem any different than any other dreams (at least at 4 days in) the prolonged delay in orgasm is just awesome no complaints on that side effect :)

No other real side effects I can repot at this time except less appetite but it is also HOT here in the daytime so heat sorta makes me less hungry too so not sure on that one, altho I do honestly feel much more "mellow" calm etc, even today a car cut us off on the highway going VERY fast and almost sideswiped the front end as he weaved thru downtown detroit traffic, normally I would have had my heart pounding out of my chest and probably been a bit shaky (was in a bad car accident years ago hit by a drunk at 45mph from behind so being in the car sorta freaks me out at times) but obviously we all said WHOA! and had that moment of natural fear but I did notice like 2-3 mins later i was like wow im ok and much calmer than I would have been, wife even said something about that to me...

Not saying it will fix everything in my life that needs fixing but my complusions and anxiety filled head isn't anywhere near as bad and actually im not experiencing any side effects (or at least bad ones) so far things are good to report here :)

At night I used to reconfirm with the remote that i locked the cars and had alarms on, also always checking out windows and or worried i forgot to lock the garage, always making lists of stuff to do or that I need to do, always thinkin of bills and or ways to make more $ to pay more bills, just couldn't shut my thoughts off to get rest and or enjoy a normal day... haven't had ANY of those problems even with a list pad in front of me yeah I did a few things today marked some off the list but no new list no need to feel to make a list tonight that sorta thing so its a good feeling...

Actually about to go to bed here soon, used to have to make lists try to shut mind off to get to sleep and strangely I feel tired and confident i will be able to sleep tonight as I did the last few nights, feels pretty good to say that..

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