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I am 39 male and healthy but have had some troubles with sleeping and becoming anxious, other than that no meds taken and no prior history of mental illness etc

I saw my doctor who gave me some tests to take said I was mild depressed, not bipolar but my anxiety was severe, she prescribed lexapro 10mg and I took the first one yesterday at about 10am, she said it can take a while to kick in but I gotta say (it could be placebo?) but I feel totally mellow today, really relaxed shoulders not tight like usual and I don't have the sense of urgency to run around make lists become scatterbrained and feel wiped out by 3pm. Today in contrast, I had a nice breakfast read the paper, watched a program with my daughter, made her a nice lunch and have just really enjoyed the day.

One other thing I noticed by total accident was this morning I woke and wife and I had unplanned intercourse, normally I last about 5 mins or so, and it's a quicke so to speak, well after about 20 mins she was asking me to stop after her second orgasm yet I had not orgasmed once yet. THIS has never happened before, and she told me today she read online it has a side effect of helping premature ejaculation. But I had only taken 2 pills by that time, first morning about 10am second morning about 9am (second day morning about 10am had sex that lasted easily 4x longer).

She was also doing some checking and said it may cause vivid dreams, I guess that could be sexual, colorful, or even nightmares, hey I sure wouldn't mind some sexual ones why not right? hehe

I just wondered has anyone experienced anything like this in terms of literally 2 days into using lexapro 10mg that they are actually feeling really calm and that whole prolonged ejaculation thing well heck thats an awesome side effect I can certainly deal with.

Seriously though just trying to learn a bit more about this stuff is it all in my head (altho I had no idea about the premature ejaculation thing wife checked in on it after the sex this morning)...
Hello Mindmelt,
Well, I cannot speak from experience about any of the man-question/side effects of the med, since I have different equipment. But what you explained made sense to me... typ. early + delayed side effect may equal "normal" for you? I don't know... ;)

But re: the early mellow effect: I started on 5mg of Lexapro 5.5 weeks ago (to titrate up to 10mg after 2 weeks), and I noticed that mellow feeling the first few days too. I also questioned the placebo effect, but realized that whether it was a real, biological feeling, or a hopeful placebo one, it didn't matter, b/c the mellow was a nice relief from the regular anxious feelings.

I've had some other less pleasant, but tolerable, side effects when I started the med, and at each incremental increase in dosage. Dry mouth, sore throat, mild headaches, stomach issues, smaller appetite--but these too only seemed to last for a few days while my body adjusted. (Haha, guess I'm in for a pleasant weekend of this again, since I just saw the doc today and I'm to up my dosage again to 20mg!)

Good luck! Happy to try to answer any other questions if you have them.

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