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I know there are many people out there with anxiety disorders that seem so overwhelming you can't even get out of bed. Trust me when I say this because I know. You can't always get better by seeing a shrink of some kind. The most wonderful thing that I've discovered is body cleansing. Get all that nasty crap out of your body. Get up and move around and if you can't get up move what ever moves on you. It's no joke about the millions of people out there saying that water alone can help your frame of mind!! The electrolytes in your brain can't spark and function when it's full of toxic waste. Your brain can get just as sick as your stomach or anything else. People take their precious brains for granted. They think they are mentally disabled when they just need to clean the attic a little, get the spider webs outta there!!

I started with going off of medications for depression. (And I'm not telling anyone to do that!) I'm just saying that I did it. Then I got some detox stuff going, some good organic liquid vitamins that I knew would go directly into my system, some magnesium and calcium powder that goes in water and some other liquid electrolytes that cleaned things up. That was 4 years ago and I am doing great. No drugs, no shrinks.

So, never say never........there is lots to do, so get moving and do it.

lots of love to all......angels wings:angel:

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