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Hey everyone,

I've had anxiety for years that resulted in panic attacks and a mild depression. My psych has decided I should try Lexapro. I agreed and began dosing at 10mg on Saturday. I'm wondering if you all who've been down this road would be concerned about the following side effects:

heightened anxiety, insomnia, intense dreams, a warm/flush body feeling (though thermometer is right where I should be), increased urination, mild sexual side affects (delayed ejaculation), and dry mouth

I very nearly bailed on my treatment today, which is day 3. I woke up and proceeded to have a panic attack! But, I decided to bite the bullet and take the pill. I did put in a call to my doc to ask if I could maybe dial down to 5mg instead. After I took the 10, he called me back (whoa!) and told me that I should reduce the dose for the time being. His initial plan was for me to do 10 for 2 weeks and then ramp to 20. I like him -- but I think I'd prefer to slope up and see how I do at each step.

I take .5mg of Xanax as needed. I've been taking one of these each evening due to Lexapro anxiety. I have a pill/med anxiety anyway that I am battling too. Another complicating factor is that I have to travel for business tomorrow and I'll be away from home for nearly 2 weeks. It's only 2 hours away -- but I will really feel that distance from my support system. I believe I'll reduce my dose tomorrow to 5mg of Lexapro and hope for the best.

I'm a single 30 year-old male who would like to get this anxiety under control and lose some extra weight. At this point the thought of raising my heart rate on purpose makes me want to panic!! :mad:

I'm mostly interested in knowing if I should be especially worried or if what I'm experiencing is par for the course...? This is my first psych medication (aside from the Xanax...) Thanks so much for your help! (Sorry this turned out to be so long!)

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