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I have heard so much about both of these and was wondering if anyone could give me their experience on either one and if it seems to help and if anyone has had any side effects from it. I would really like to start these over medications but I am always concerned about side effects.

Any input would be helpful.

Thank you,
I take one tablet of Magnesium in the morning and it seems to help quite a bit. I also have SVT (irregular heart beats) and it seems to help those as well. Since being on the Mg, I have only had one episode of SVT that last about 10 minutes in the past seven months.
Its either been the Mg or having orgasms that have helped.

Hey Brat, Magnesium is found in foods, so it should be safe for you. The recommended dose is around 400 mg per day. It seemed to do wonders for my anxiety and panic. I don't know much about flaxseed oil, other than it's supposed to be healthy for you. Take care.
A natural dr. gave me some Natural Calm which is a magnesium powder that you drink as a hot tea. It's supposed to help with anxiety, I haven't noticed any difference but I still take it because it's good for me.

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