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Hi everybody! It was so good to find these boards. I have been suffering from air hunger off and on for many years, I think. It has been horribly relentless for the last 9 or 10 months. When I wake up , it starts. Sometimes I have it at night in bed, but mostly during the day.

It got so bad last December, that I quit smoking! I am 46 and had smoked for almost 30 years, with no real intention of quitting. My breathing got sooo bad, that I just quit cold turkey. I also suffer the yawning and sighing to get that satisfying breath, but it never lasts. I have to keep doing it over and over. I had a chest x-ray and EKG August 2006, for chest pain due to rib muscle strain. This was to rule out heart problems. It was fine. I also was having acid reflux real bad from taking Advil for the chest pain. At that time, my breathing wasn't an issue. Could this be because I was focusing on the chest pain? lol Anyway, when the breathing got real bad, I had a pulmonary function test. This was Jan. 4 2007 (I had only quit smoking 18 days before.)It wasn't too bad, considering I had smoked all those years. They say I have mild obstruction at small airways. My RV was 26, and normal is 25 or less. They also felt that I have an upper airway obstruction.

I was sent to an ENT in early Feb. He says that I have nasal allergies, and post nasal drip. I'm supposed to use my Flonase nasal spray, but I used it for months without a real big change. I am just using saline now. He didn't see any tumors or anything when he looked up my nose and down my throat with the nose camera. He wanted to give it some more time off of cigarettes, before thinking about any more prescriptions. Well, since it will be 8 months this friday, I am discouraged that I still feel this way. My nose feels real dry and swollen inside, all the time. This is new since I quit smoking. It used to run more when I smoked. I'm sorry for being so long-winded, but I want to tell you guys all the symptoms I can think of.

I get out of breath in the shower, and when talking or eating. It is basically true all the time, except for some rare times in between, when I don't feel that bad. During these times, I can talk and breathe ok. When I'm eating, it seems like it's almost always an issue. As I'm actually in the process. I used to sing all the time around the house, but I have to stop to breathe.I also seem to see a correlation between the problems and my salt intake. It got this bad last summer( 2006) I wonder if the fact that my daughter was starting high school, and my son, middle school, had anything to do with it.I was very afraid for my daughter mostly, because she has always had a horrible time with the other girls.Anyway, I have tried deep breathing, Paxil, research, and I don't know what to do.I am not on medicine, now, but I rely on Chamomile tea.It helps to calm me some. It's funny that I feel this breathing thing even when I don't feel stressed. I will appreciate any feedback I can get. My heart goes out to all of you, because I too am ruled by this awful affliction. Take care Kerry78
Hey Hyper! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling too well. That must be lousy having all that dust and all that heat, too. Do you use "SIMPLY SALINE"? It's a great product for rinsing and moisturizing the nasal passages and sinuses. It has NO preservatives in it, either. It's a good idea to rinse the pollen and dust out every day, a few times, if needed. I like it.

I came across a tip for the breathing problem, but only if its anxiety. I think most of mine is, but probably not all. I did smoke for almost 30 years. Well, it helps me, so maybe it will help you, too. The theory is that we can't get a deep breath in, because we're not getting all the air out. Sounds logical. lol When that feeling strikes, stop and breathe out as long as possible, counting to 10 or so, or whatever you can handle. We don't want anyone fainting or anything.This is VERY IMPORTANT! As you're breathing out, make your stomach GO IN! Push it in manually if its not used to going on its own. Then, take a nice deep breath in, making your stomach RISE this time. Do this a few times, and I think you'll see a difference. It has been helping me the last few days anyway. Good luck and let me know how you are. Take care, Kerry78

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