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I think that's why some people greatly benefit from medication. Are you taking any right now? I have felt the same way, I had bad anxiety attacks (actually, more like panic attacks), and I didn't have a clue what they were. All I knew is that I felt like running, my heart was beating really fast, my thoughts were blurred and so was my vision, and I just felt like going crazy, like I would have a heart attack. I suspected it was some sort of schizophrenia or mental condition (and it is, just not as bad as I had feared) so I got myself convinced for a while that I was going insane and that was it, might as well pack my bags and any day now I'd get sent to the asylum. Fortunately, I went to see my doctor and talked to him about it, and read about anxiety disorder and finally understood that I wasn't really going crazy, although I was convinced I was at the time. So I've been taking Zoloft at a low dose and I am fine now, or at least back to normal, and I would highly recommend you seeing your doctor and talking to someone about this, because anxiety disorder is highly treatable, and while some people can live with it without medication, it often does not get better, but worse, so I would look into a treatment, if not with medication try some CBT exercises.

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