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Hi, I'm 1*and I have a little bit of an anxiety problem. I think it's mainly Claustrophobia.

Here's my story..

Ok, School just recently started around 5 or 6 weeks ago. I go to this new School that requires me to take the train (around 30-40 minutes travel). I take the train with my mum, so I think it's quite ok..

[b]Problems while travelling on trains..[/b]

Problem is I feel nausea and I find it hard to swallow (I have to keep swallowing and drinking water from time to time). This is reasonably bad, and at times, I have to get out of the train at the nearest stop (to breathe and calm down). This usually causes me and my mum to be late, well me late to school, and my mum late to work.

This problem gets even worse if we're sitting on a seat in which the train is moving backwards. It also gets worse when the train is crowded. I feel more anxious and I feel I'm kind of "choking", it becomes even harder to swallow, and I feel as if I can't escape (obviously I can't jump out of the train, LOL).

..I try listening to my iPod, and sometimes it help, other times it makes it worse.

[b]My REAL problem..[/b]

As you all know, education is vital.. but how can I actually learn if I have to keep leaving class because of my anxiety problems!? :(

I am doing an IT course, and we're pretty much in front of computers all day. As soon as I enter the room:
* I find it harder to swallow
* The feeling of being "trapped" and not being able to escape is even worse. Sometimes I'm on the bottom level, and it isn't too hard to escape, but I still for some reason feel anxious. This anxiety is worsened when I'm on a higher level, and have to go down stairs to finally get out of the place.
* My heartbeat gets faster, therefore making my nausea worse.
* I feel so anxious, I can't even talk/open my mouth. I can't even concentrate and listen to what the teacher is saying! I look at the computer and it just makes me feel worse (dizzy sometimes) - I guess I can't talk/open my mouth because I'm too busy swallowing trying to get rid of the feeling, that if I DO open my mouth, I'll vomit.
* I guess another reason I feel anxious is because I'm scared that I might vomit in front of everyone. I feel more embarassed, because I know the people around me, and it's not like trains, where I don't even know the people around me.

[b]Other problems:[/b]

* Last year, I didn't have these kinds of problems. I only really had anxiety problems during important exams, since the whole year does the exam in one big room and I kind of get the feeling that it'd be embarassing to vomit there, I get the "trapped" feeling, and the swallowing problem.

* I have anxiety problems eating in food courts. Lots of people are around, and yeah.. I don't feel like eating as much as I'd want to..

* I also feel anxious in places that are extremely crowded, to the point that you can't really move, and also places where lots of people I know are around.

* I also have anxiety problems in Cinemas, especially when they're considerably full. And yeah.. anxiety problems in boats and planes (feeling trapped, not being able to escape, etc.)

* To top that off, I also have a social anxiety problem. I had a haircut a few weeks ago, and I found it hard to swallow again. My heart was beating fast. I guess it was because there were alot of people in the hair salon, and the girl that was cutting my hair was pretty. There are many other situations in which I feel anxious, but I guess I'll leave it at that.

Can anyone relate to this, or can anyone help? :( This is really bad for my education. I haven't gone to school in 2 weeks! I tried to go to school 2 days ago, but had to leave a few minutes after I got in the room.

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