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My Dr. Prescribed Lexapro for me today for PMDD. I also have anxiety for which I take .5mg of Klonopin twice daily. I am afraid of SSRIs as they have not worked for me in the past, but I have never tried this one.

The 2 biggest issues in my life right now are extreme fatigue and needing to lose about 20lbs. I can NOT take anything that will make me gain more weight or make me more tired than I already am. These are my biggest worries. I also have tachycardia for which I take a beta blocker. So I also worry about have heart side effects as well.

Any suggestions, advice, stories to share - I would REALLY appreciate it!!!


Heather, 33
Hi Heather,
I don't seem to get on here much anymore because my anxiety is so normal anymore, but I'm glad I did so I could share with you. I had severe anxiety and have tried several SSRI's in the past with no luck. I also have SVT, which I take a beta blocker for too. My Dr. put me on Lexapro in November last year, and the first month was very difficult, but I stuck it out. I'm so glad I did, and so are my family and friends. It saved my life. I literally wasn't leaving my house because I panicked over everything, and I was obsessed over my heart and health. So, I'm glad for the Lexapro. Now, the bad news for me, I have gained 40 pounds on it, and still counting. I don't want to get off the Lexapro, and due to my svt, I can't take any weight loss supplements that increase the heart rate. I've been exercising daily, to the best of my ability with my heart, but so far no luck. I've tried every diet in the book.

I had absolutely no heart side effects one way or the other. I still have my pac's and pvc's and svt, with or without the Lexapro. It did make me tired for the first month, then after that, I seem more awake, because the anxiety and panick are gone.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I have heard some people not gain weight on Lexapro too, so I think there is no way to know for sure unless you try it.

Take care,

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