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My anxiety is horrible. I'm in high school, last year I was homeschooled because the anxiety was so bad and I would stay up for days without sleep because I would be so anxious about school.

I started school recently at a normal high school, and I made it the first 2 days. The last 3 days, I've missed school because I haven't slept much at all and I get all panicky and my face gets bright red, I start sweating, feel that I can't speak, and my chest and stomach hurt at times. Its hell and I know it all stems from the anxiety problems.

I was on medication for a while, but did not like it. I've been on several medications, don't plan on going back on any because my parents thought I was manic when I was on them.

I'm anxious all the time it seems. When I go the store, I think I handle the anxiety pretty well (probably because I know I'll only be there for a little while).

My counselor walked me through the building of the doctor's office, and every time we entered a different area she would tell me to rate my anxiety on a scale of 1 to 10. For instance, when we walked past the cafeteria she asked me my anxiety level and I said six. She asked me why and I told her it was because we went through the cafeteria without buying anything, and I thought people were looking at me weird. I also have Obsessive problems with touching things, and thoughts telling me to do certain things "or something bad will happen". I always try to resist.

So my anxiety happens all the time, and its extreme, I can barely manage it when I go to school sometimes because I'm running off either no sleep or a few hours and my anxiety is really high.

I know facing the anxiety is good, and it helps over time, but the extremeness of it sometimes is just too much. Not to mention its pretty embarrassing when I'm having these panic/anxiety attacks in school.... my mom wants to put me back in homeschool, which would be a relief for me but I don't wana crawl back into my comfort zone, I want to fight this...but at the same time I DO kind of want to be able to breathe...

My counselor is gone for the next couple of weeks, I need some kind of advice.

What should I do?? Should I just get homeschooled again? What are some ways I can stop the anxiety? :confused:

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