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My name is Candice, and i am 23 years old. I have been diagnosed with, ppd, bi-polar type 1, gad, social phobia, and now panic disorder. I just started having panic attacks about 3 weeks ago, i was driving and had to call the ambulance 2 on the way to where i was going. My grandma was dying and we got called down to tell her goodbye for the last time. Since that day, it seems like i have had atleast 2 or 3 panic attacks a day, i went to the emergency room again, and my bp was 154/130 and my pulse was 120, it scared me to death. I constantly fear of dying, or losing control, or like i am going crazy, no one in my family knows anything about this and tells me just to get over it. I have three kids under 4 and have a very good marriage. I don't understand why i have these, but i fear doom, and death is near. I hate it, but i keep on telling myself that i am fine and nothing is going to happen, and it gets better temporarily. I am taking xanax 0.5 mg three times daily, and i still have these attacks. I keep on thinking that something is going to happen to me, and tomorrow i am making an appointment with a family dr. to get a physical, i feel like i am turning into a hypochondriac. I was on Lamictal, klonapin, and zoloft, it seemed all to make me worse, so i took myself off of these, and i'm feeling a little better. I feel like i walk around in a daze all day and try to stay busy, but the more i do, the worse i feel. Am i the only one that feels like this, is this what panic disorder is???? What has worked for everyone, and how can i get over this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Candice.

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