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Hi All Im Just Wondering If Anyone Can Tell Me How To Taper Off Xanax I Take 1 Mg 3 Times A Day And I Want Off Them Asap If Possible But Slowly That Is ,i Dont Want To Be Depended On Them All My Life I Been On Them Since Feb 06 And I Want Off Because I Dont Want To End Up Getting Hooked And I Have Heard Where Once Your Off You Feel Tons Better I Took Them Because I Had Extreme Panic But Now I Dont Alls I Want Is To Try To Taper Off Slowly Till Im Off For Good A Friend Went Cold Turkey I Cant I Tried And The W/d's Were Horrible Do They Have Any Type Of Meds For W/d's While Tapering Off? See I Tried Taking 1 -0.5 Mg Of Xanax Once A Day And It About Killed Me I Couldnt Sleep Nor Eat And HAD HORRIBLE CHEST PAINS Is There Someone Out There That Can Tell Me How To Go About Tapering Off I Want Off So Bad ,because I Think They Are Causeing Me Where I Have No Energy I Take 1 Mg 3 Times A Day And I Feel Im Starting To Get Hooked See The Dr I Had Told Me To Take Them 3 Times A Day So I Did I Had No Idea What They Were For And Had No Idea They Were Addictive Im Not Sure If Im Addictive Or Not But I Dont Want To Be I Also Have Thyrold Illness And Can Someone Tell Me If Im Taking 3 A Day Would That Be Whats Causing Me Bad Headaches ?? MY WHOLE BODY HURT SO BAD I COULDNT STAND IT SO I WENT BACK ON THEM .
Any Help Would Be So Greatfull..
Vickie :)

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