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LOL i know what you mean. It's a trap in that chair! Even worse when they have the nurse also standing over you with that thing that sucks on your saliva. I actually made an appointment for the dentist earlier today! It's been ten years. Can't wait to hear what work i don't need done but that he wants me to get done! right now teeth feel perfectly fine, might have a cavity here and there, but if he has his way with me i'm sure i will be in unnecessary pain in the upcoming weeks!

Also i have been off all anti-anxiety meds for the past two months ( was on lexpro, paxil, low dose of xanax) Nothing worked. Last thing i got was some beta-blockers ( atenolol) cause i have the bad symptoms that makes anxiety worse , like blushing , rapid rapid heart rate, sweating, feeling like i'm going to melt. I was worried about taking the beta-blockers though cause it's a blood pressure med and i read bad things about taking it then stopping, can cause problems you never had. Then again so can every other medicine pretty much. I'm sick of trying different meds, getting used to them, then having to taper off and deal with the withdrawals. Thats why i stopped everything and need to go see a Pysch, and see about CBT therapy, cause my doctor really didn't know much about Social anxiety that say a pysch would know.

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