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I have been suffering from anxiety and adjustment disorder for most of my life now although I am not on meds. I worry about everything and just lately I start to panic about things... the old fight or flight feeling... like driving to work or going on public transport...i worry I may have to go to the bathroom and start to panic... making my stomach cramps worse of course!

After trying to conceive for a few months I found out I was pregnant on Thursday. Even though it was what i wanted I immediately felt anxious about the change and questioning if this was what I wanted. (which is stupid because im 33 and happily married) I got so nervous and panicky telling people the next day... just anxious like usual... then on Sunday without warning I started to miscarry :(:(:(:(:( i think it was because i was so panicky on Friday....I am so sad, i can't stop crying and I feel so guilty... i feel I have caused my miscarriage...and now i am so terrified of trying again.... has anyone with anxiety or panic disorders gone on to have healthy babies.. please give me some hope... i know after a week i would have calmed down once i 'adjusted' to the new situation... im so so sad.... any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading....

Lisa :(
I am sorry for your loss but Please do not do this to yourself we can all worry and wonder and feel guilty about the ...what ifs...but what good will it do? I also had a misscarriage several years ago.I thought what if I caused this by anxiety..or the time I tripped and fell in my laundry room.The thing is these things unfortunately sometimes just happen and nothing we have done or not done would of changed things.For encouragement ..I have birthed 5 kids 4 of them after I was diagnosed with Generalized anxiety disorder.Best wishes for you in the future.

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