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When I started having a lot of anxiety (more than usual) due to some other health problems I was having, I mentioned Lexapro to my psychiatrist. I have been on Prozac for the last four years, and I've gone up and down in doseage based on the stress I've had going on during particular times. I'm now on 30mg of Prozac.

Anyway, when I mentioned Lexapro, the doctor was like, "Well, they're all the same in terms of managing anxiety." So now I take 1 mg of Klonopin daily, plus 30mg of Prozac. I'd rather be on just one med though-- or less Klonopin. Do you think it's worth asking again about Lexapro? Paxil was too sedating and I gained weight, so that's a no. Has Lexapro caused any of you to gain weight? I was glad that Paxil curbed my anxiety, but the sedating effects, including weight gain, made me want to switch to Prozac. Now I wouldn't mind switching again-- dunno how effective the Prozac is anymore....

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