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I don't know how many of your remember me, but I was here a few months ago. I am 28 and had my first panic attack back in February after being given a high dosage shot of Decadron for bronchitis. The doctors believe that the medicine caused the first panic attack, and sort of unearthed an underlying anxiety issue since I had NEVER had anxiety before. The doctors immediatly wanted to put me on Lexapro, but it made me feel terrible, so I said no medicine.

At first my symptoms were really bad - insomnia, heart palpatations, dizziness, fearful to be alone with my daughter in case I had another attack, fearful of something terrible happening, etc. So I refused to believe it was "just anxiety". Well, here we are 8 months, an EKG, nuclear stress test, TONS of blood work, and a 24 heart monitor later and it appears that I am dealing with anxiety as all of those tests came back normal.

Luckily, my symptoms have improved greatly but they haven't gone away completely. I still find myself worrying about crazy things (car accidents, and such), shortness of breath, sharp chest "twinges", and the occasional feeling like I am going to faint (often in the car which makes me really nervous).

I guess what I am asking is...are those pretty common symptoms of anxiety? What are some ways to deal with it other than medicine? I am very sensitive to medicine and don't want to feel "drunk" all the time like I did with Lexapro.

Thank you for reading all of this and sending any advice my way that you may have!

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