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Just another story to reference. I had a manic episode with no prior history of psychological disorders. Then, post-episode, I had pretty severe depression where I wanted to stay in bed all day. After begging my doctor and trying to be without it, I was put on Zoloft and it was moved up to 150mg a day. It took 4-6 weeks to kick in and after about a month, I was slowly came down to 100mg for a week, then 50mg per week, then 25mg per week, and then done. After that, I was off of it for a year but during the following winter, I felt very tired and lazy after a few hours of work so my doctor told me its depression but very mild. I got back on Zoloft 50mg and it was great and providing that extra boost of energy (or serotonin) with minor side effects for me.

Then, I recently ran out of Zoloft and had to wait for a mail order plus changed insurance, so my doctor gave me Lexapro 10mg samples to use until I can get more Zoloft. I used Lexapro 10mg per day at night (in replacement of Zoloft 50mg) for 3 weeks and for some strange reason, I feel its slowly making me depressed (as if its because of the Zoloft wearing off). So, today I quickly called the doctor after finally realizing it might be the problem and I'm getting back on Zoloft even if I have to pay out of pocket for now, because apparently I FEEL it works better on me than I've noticed the Lexapro doing.

My 2 cents...hope it helps!
When I was 18 y/o. I experienced my first attack of depression and was prescribed Zoloft by a child psychiatrist. I didn't really know what to expect, and for a few weeks after starting the medicine, I couldn't feel its effect at all. After about 4-5 weeks of taking Zoloft, however, I noticed things were getting better. I moved to a college, and in some short time my depression began to disappear. After about health year of treatment, I was well enough to stop taking the Zoloft and my depression remained in past. However a few years later, when I started my new year in university my depression begun to return back. I felt that it was even worse than before. After few sessions with a psychologist, I was referred to the medical clinic to get a prescription for anti-depressants. Since I had an effective Zoloft experience when I was younger, the doctor decided to give it another try, and prescribed me taking a daily dose of Zoloft. at first I didn't notice much of an effect but within a few weeks my depression began to lift. However this time I began to experience some strange side effects ,I began to feel emotionally numb. I also wasn't feeling particularly happy about anything, even things that were really exciting going on in my life. I really did just feel numb to the world.
I am going to change my Zoloft to Lexapro as I have read that Lexapro is used to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD; excessive worry and tension that disrupts daily life and lasts for 6 months or longer). I hope that my doctor will give his approval and Lexapro will have a better effect on me.

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