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I haven't been to anxiety I thougt I'd drop over

I saw an Anxiety Specialist at the Clarke Inst. in Toronto for 5 years.

I have been on Effexor for 7 years.

Here's the advice:

Breathing is everything when it comes to anxiety....goes back to the caveman days. You need to breathe through your stomach. Lay down, put your hand on your stomach, and make sure your stomach is moving when you breathe.

If you breathe through your chest, (feel it rise and fall) you are telling your brain that you are in an emergency situation, and your fight or flight mechanism kicks in. If you do this ALL the time, your brains thinks you are in an emergency ALL the time.

When you get that "uncomfortable feeling" take a minute...go to the bathroom, excuse yourself, whatever....and take a minute to correct your breathing.

No more than 20 breaths per minute. Period.

Tightness in the chest? Trapped air....a clue that you are breathing thru your chest. It most likely isn't a heart attack.:)

About Effexor.....

It's a wonderful drug....but you have to be on the right amount

If you aren't sleeping at are taking too could become manic...euphoria usually comes first....beware.....lives have been ruined by this....mine was one of them.

Do your muscles get tense at some point and it won't go away...again too much, cut back.

Not feeling much.....classic taking too much....

Anxiety disorders are a manifestation of those times in life when something "traumatic" has happened, and we have just gone on, without giving ourselves a chance to "feel" the anxiety attached to the trauma. Anything like that ever happen?.....Deal with it.....anxiety will dissipate.

Please let me know how helpful, or unhelpful this thread is.


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