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Thanks for all the replies. Well, yes, I have been on them all basically. Actually Zoloft made me anorexic after five weeks on it. I lost a TON of weight, had no appetite for a whole year. Then the Paxil.......and the weight gain. Then we moved and found a new shrink. I have thought of going up to 10 mg. on the Lexapro. One of you suggested Prozac?? Is that supposed to be weight neutral??? I have a friend on Prozac and she gained a lot of weight. I thought all the SSRI's cause weight gain.....With the exception of the Zoloft, in my case. I am SO afraid of trying something new, I keep hoping for a new one to come out with a guarantee of no weight gain. Do I do other things? Yes, I know how to do breathing exercises, meditate, etc. It doesn't seem to help. I have severe health anxieties. I get it into my head that I have lung cancer or something wrong with my heart and then the panic starts and I pop the ativan. In a half hour I am leveled out and can go on with my day. I have been to enuf doctors not to trust ANY of them. Anyway, thanks for the replies to my post. Oh yeah, I was once on Klonopin and after four months of it, my anxiety and panic was at an all time how. A new doctor weaned me off ot it, I detoxed at home. I gradually came off of it and on the Paxil. I had a lot of side effects from the Paxil and then I guess I kind of stabilized on it for about a year and now I am 50 pounds overweight. So then we moved and I told new shrink I wanted off the Paxil........that is where I am now. on the really low dose and Ativan. Like I said, the Ativan levels me out whereas the klonopin did a real number on my head. I got lost coming home from the Pittsburgh airport when I was on the Klonopin and TOTALLY freaked out because the exit I was supposed to take was closed. I had to call my husband at work and he had to talk me home, giving me directions, exit by exit. That's what that Klonopin did to me. So, altho I worry about the Ativan, I tell myself, that if I am addicted, then so be it. And I don't take more than 1 mg. a day.

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