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Hey there!
Both of my pregnancy's were accidents. I had my 1st daughter when I was 23 and 15 months later had my 2nd daughter. They are the light of my life.
What is it that you are most afraid of? Childbirth? You keep telling yourself that it will end. Taking care of baby? The hospitals and nurses make sure you know what you are doing before you go home. Lack of sleep? You will be amazed by how little sleep you can get by with. If you are not planning on breast feeding your husband can take night shifts also or if breast feeding you can pump if you can get baby to take a bottle rather than nipple.
I'm saving the best for last. LOVE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER KNOWN! While both of my girls were accidents, I could not have loved them anymore if my pregnancy's were planned. They are so cute and you will be amazed at every little facial expression, etc. I'm not going to say it's all easy, but it is so worth it! My youngest daughter just graduated from college a yr behind my oldest. They make me so proud and they are like good friends to me now. Also, having been there for my mother and mother in law, I often think "what will people do that don't have children to rely on when you get old?" Go for it- it is so worth it!
Best wishes,
Thank you grannyo:) I appreciate your response and feedback. I'm trying so hard to think things through. I have a tendency as I'm sure most with anxiety do to overanalyze things to death. I'm just scared because (haha) I know once they are here there here to stay so I'd better be ready for the long haul:) I'm just not sure if my anxiety stems from my anxiety over the pure anticipation of all the changes or if I'm really not ready. I guess the catch is I really am not getting any younger (I'm 33) and I have a good chance of having difficulty getting pregnant due to a long history of endometriosis. At one point in my life mid 20's there was no doubt that I wanted to have a baby and family. I don't know what's happened since then and now...I am married to a wonderful man whom I think will be a very loving father (I could stand to see him mature a bit more and share a bit more responsibility:) We are financially good and we both have very loving, supportive extended family (they live in other cities). I think in someways it is selfishness...I feel like in many ways I have just found ME in the last 4 years...I wouldn't be honest if I said I was a bit frightened that I may lose myself again in motherhood. Sorry to ramble. I can't share any of this with family or friends but I feel like I could explode keeping it all in and to thanks again for listening and sharing...I could definately stand to hear more of the positives!!!

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