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First off I haven't driven anywhere out of my "comfort zone" for about a year and a half. I been on Pexeva (generic Paxil) for 35 days. Last weekend I started driving out of my comfort zone with my girlfriend. I only went a few blocks but couldn't help but feel extremely anxious that I might have a panic attack. We made a plan to drive every weekend a little farther out of my comfort zone each time. So the problem I'm having is that I'm feeling anxious each week about driving. It's hard to say if this medicine is helping me or not. I think it gives me confidence, but I don't know.
I also used to have a fear of taking medicine. I went a year without taking something as small as a TUMS, Tylenol etc. So when I had to start taking Pexeva it was very hard. I remember after I took them I was real nervous sometimes even had a panic attack. Now I have no fear of them. I still feel a little nervous, but its nothing like it used to be.
I just want to know if I need to give the meds more time before I try overcoming my driving fear. I thought the meds would help me not feel anxious and nervous. I read that you don't feel the full effects until 6-8 weeks. So maybe I'm just jumping the gun a little fast? Really I'm just a little confused what SSRI's are suppose to do. Do they help you control your panic attacks? Because I've notice when I was driving I thought I might of had an attack coming or I was just real nervous, but it seemed I was able to control it a little easier. I'm really confused, I'm hoping someone can tell me how I will know if the med is working or not.
The first week of taking Pexeva I felt sick and "dazed" but now at day 35 I feel pretty much like I did before I started taking the meds. I still get anxious, but it seems I can control it a little better. I don't know if its just all in my head or not - like the fact that I'm taking "something" to get better.

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