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Provigil and Prozac
Oct 17, 2007
Went to see new PDOC today with the intention that I was going to be prescribed prozac. i was pretty excited about it.

We talked about an hour and he gave me nothing!!! I am to continue to take klonopin as needed for the next 2 weeks until I see him again.

He would like to talk to my Neurologist before prescribing me any medications. I had an EEG that came back abnormal a few months ago. It could be seizures. No-one could tell me for sure because they are not grand mal seizures.

My PDOC wants more testing done. He thinks there may be some other health issues going on and he wants to be sure.

If all comes back clear, he is going to put me on Prozac for (6 months) for anxiety and panic and provigil for excessive sleepiness. In addition to Topamax that I am already on for seizures for precautionary measures.

i like that he is in touch with my doctors and not too quick to hand out meds. But now i am scared - of the unknown - of course. And of the meds.

I also like that he is addressing the sleepiness part of anti depressents.

I am also getting Therapy twice weekly instead of once weekly.

Any thoughts on this Dr visit.

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