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Hi there! I've had "white coat syndrome" for quite a few yrs. It started when I would think everything was going to be cancer when I went to the dr. My BP would be in the same range 150/90ish. Over the yrs my anxiety grew and I became a constant worrier - never was when I was younger. Dr put me on Paxil which helped for the basic anxiety, but I would still have the BP shoot up when I'd see her. I'd check my BP at places that have those machines and at my mothers house (she has a bp guage) and it was always normal. However, I was not anxious at any of those times. When anxious, it would always go up and pulse would race. Dr said that is not healthy and now I'm on BP meds. Have been for a few yrs. My dr will prescribe Clonazapam for extreme anxiety and sleep but it only makes me tired, which does not work well during the day. Due do a recent depression, I was switched to Lexapro and the anxiety is worse than ever. That made me realize just how much the Paxil helped. Much as I ask for something for effective, like xanax or ativan, for anxiety attacks, dr will not prescribe it. Too addictive she says. She is not very free with her RX pad!

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