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Thank you so much for your kind thoughts! You are all wonderful. I DO need to focus more on myself and what I feel about things. I often get caught up in "I ought to want to do this or that" or "Why do I have anxiety about this, what is wrong with me?" I always assume something is wrong with me, instead of just accepting myself for who I am. I guess I find few people who think and feel as I do, and thus feel very isolated.

The volunteering is a great idea. However, with a full-time job plus working part-time on weekends, I often feel overloaded. It doesn't help with the anxiety, but I do need the money. When I do get time off, I feel a little lost on what I should do with myself. (Overwhelmed with little errands and such, plus just trying to relax knowing that I don't get another day off for a few weeks.) The exercise is a good idea. I do aerobics three days a week, but it often stresses me out more, as it is just another thing on my to-do list. I usually feel better once I get there, but it just leaves me with less time. I do like walking, I find that very calming.

The journaling is an intriguing idea. I've tried writing my fears down, but it seems like it just makes me analyze them all the more, instead of helping. Writing down only positive things might be an idea...

I definately do not eat very well, but try to take vitamins and such. I do drink a lot of milk, so I'm starting to try magnesium supplements. (I read that too much calcium can lead to a deficiency). So we will see how that goes. Thanks again for all of your kind thoughts. I feel calmer just knowing that I'm not alone.

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