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Hope Ive put this in the right thread,

Anyway when Im around people i.e. at college or work or in pub, and there is banter going on, the slightest little dig or coment towards me results in my face going bright red and I can feel myself start sweatin etc basically making me look like a fool, this also happens in other situatuons such as walking into a place with lots of people around, or doing things like talking one on one to someone I don't know that well, I wouldn't describe myself as a shy person but I am very very self conscious and really go into depth in my mind about what people think of me. I am a 20 year old male. Any help on how to overcome this would be appreciated, I guess its all down to my confindence ?

hope you can help, thanks.
Yep...confidence.....that's it.

Even though I'm in Canada, my family is very British. They take every opportunity to take a poke at me, then expect me to do the British "stiff upper lip" thing.

They don't much like it when I poke back. They have since stopped poking me!

Because I know what my family is like, I'm gonna assume yours is similar. As are your friends, and co workers.

You can do what I did, and start poking back, and see how they like it, or you can ask them to stop, that it annoys you.

Poking back is the most fun, tho.....;)

Let us know how it goes....

I heard sometime ago that the way actors learn to get on the stage and not have fright, is to stop focusing on themselves in a situation. Take your consciousness off of yourself, your face, you in any way. Attend to the person you are talking to, look at them - what are they wearing, how are they standing as if you would need to report what you saw about them, how they were. Notice your surroundings, how is the furniture arranged, what colors are in the room- again like you are going to report on it. You can test your self on this. In my experience there is no way for me to be focused on me and notice much of anything else. The self-consciousness works to narrow our ability to take in other information. In a way we just get more and more of ourselves. It really is a simple concept.Take your attention off of yourself and put it in a different place. Be like Sherlock Holmes , gather information from the person, the scene. Less about you more about your powers of observation. You can start to experiment with it and see if you notice the difference.
I have the same problem. I will be completely fine until a question is addressed to me, then I can feel my face starting to flush and the sweat starting to form...even if it is a simple question. If I am required to speak, then that's where the problems start. It is starting to impact me at work where I am beginning to participate in more meetings. I'd be interested in reading any tips/tricks you receive from others.
There is surgery to correct excessive blushing and sweating but you could end up in much worse shape because of the side effects. The surgery is minimally invasive but the results could be devastating.

Besides taking anti-anxiety medication, some people (male and female) are using a camoflague makeup which covers the redness. They say it gives them the confidence to break the blushing cycle.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is also an option to help break the blushing cycle.
I also have the same problem. Could be rosacea? I understand how overwhelming it feels when you flush with no real reason behind it, and I've never found a solution that has worked for me to prevent it :(
This is exactly like me. But i also do it when i'm in a group of my friends (never just one on one, just as a group). I really cant deal with groups of people and i also cant deal with talking to someone i dont know (that includes calling to order pizza on the phone).

My dr put me on celexa. I hope it works because its nearly impossible for me to continue to live this way.
Had this along time, I have rosey cheeks but not anything abnormal. I have always flushed at points when least expected, I used to get really bad thinking people could see it and then it got worse. Now if it starts I just talk through it as if nothing is hapenning! soon dies down. Just think of them all in there underwear! ha ha it helps believe me!...something like this just has to be dealt with, it relates to how people see you or rather how you think they see you and is therefore twinned with self esteem issues which are easily rectified through PMA. Good luck! be positive you will be ok! I do not think by the way that medication should be used for this kind of thing! its not the magical cure
Ah This is a problem that lots of people seem to suffer from. and its a major problem for some people, i understnd this myself. i got very bad with this problem myself. i do believe that it can ruin your life. im not being dramatic, it can. there's nothing worse than being in that awful situation, where you can feel yourself going bright red and then cringing about it all day afterwards - if you've got this problem then you'l know what i mean. and then on the odd occasion that you do stop yourself from blushing, you feel really proud of yourself. sounds silly - but so true. i dont think that there is any tablet you can take to stop this i just think its something you have to try and help yourself out of. i've got so much better at not blushing - i think its because my outlook on life has changed - i just think about far worse things that happen in life and think - ah i cant be bothered blushing today. an it works. just try thinking differently and it does help, cos lets face it, at the end of the day, it is all in the mind. its hard but you can get better just by thinking differently. i know it sounds silly but i swallow the feeling i get when im about to blush or breathe the feeling out and think deeply about what the person is saying rather than trying not to blush. now i really enjoy bumping into people i know and chatting. you do get better.

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