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[QUOTE=legallyblondied;3287468]Hi....Anxiety does not cause jaw pain or TMJ. It can make it
much worse and make you clench or grind your teeth more
but usually TMJ is caused by either a systematic disease as
osteoarthritis or a tumor or a severe injury to the jaw or a
car accident.....if none of these causes seem to fit then the
main cause if your bite is off. The jaw would not hurt if it
was in a relaxed, position, which is down and forward. It is
not in that position because the muscles are working overtime
trying to center and fix your bite that is off. As the muscles
continue to work harder and harder in order to compensate
for the bad bite, the become fatiqued and pain sets in. Then
the problems start. If you want to know more about this
subject go and look up information on neruomuscular
dentistry....these are dentists that are trained to access
your bite and correct it and your TMJ will be gone.....Pills
just mask symptoms and TMJ symptoms are headaches, migranes, neck and shoulder pain, pain down the arms,
numb hands, full ears, irritated sinus passages, tinnitus,
and on and on......Karen[/QUOTE]

I have health anxiety issues which started some time ago. Most recently was jaw pain right on the left TM, down the left side of the neck, left forearm, wrist, and calf.
I ended up in emergency for the night but was told after various tests that the problems were not a heart attack and were either angina or stress related. I have been on Ativan and Zoloft for about 2 weeks now and none of the pains have returned, even after hard physical exertion. As far as I know you can get pain in your jaw, and anywhere else due to anxiety, and my own experience seems to bear that out. The anxiety did not give me a TMJ disorder, just pain in that area of the jaw a couple of times, and was not affected by chewing.
My TMJ issue that I was treated for was pain in the same area but was dealt with by splint therapy, chiropractic manipulation(1visit)and anti inflamatories. It was 10 years ago. The splint or night guard and the anti inflammatories reduced the pain and many days I had no symptoms at all. What actually fixed it was a chiropractic manipulation of the atlas to axis vertebrae. This was pain on one side only, and it hasn't returned.
I think many people get jaw pain from habitual teeth grinding which is not a TMJ disorder and which is commonly stress related.
Yankeerose the last thing you need is to strengthen your jaw muscles:)

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