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Hi everyone, its very frustrating, I recently decreased my paxil from 10mg to 2.5mg. The reason being i started to feel better, BUT I felt a loss of emotion, and when you are trying to find someone that you can date etc. I think its important to be yourself. I have a phsyc, and a therapist, and both help to a degree, but its not a permanent fix. The meds help as well, but I am all for the all natural way to fix things. I excercise regularly, walk/run a mile each day, do moderate to heavy weight lifting. If you saw me on the street you would think I played football, but i think thats the worste part, you would never think i suffer from bad anxiety.

Recently i have become VERY anxious whenever I am put on the spot, or when people are staring at me for instance if I am filling out a form and someone is staring at me while i fill it out i get real nervous and start writing fast as possible and my hands sweat horribly (which is another reason for my anxiety) My hands are sweaty alot of the time.

In the past year I lost my job (lay off), but have been doing some side work which is mostly sitting down at a computer for a majority of the day. I notice that the computer makes me a little irritable. In addition I have started to like someone alot but become anxious about going out on a date with her because I dont want to become anxious, and have this horrible tension in my head. In addition i have elevated blood pressure which i take 5mg of norvasc for my bp resting is usually 72-78/129-138. When I get too excited, or too nervous my bp will go up sometimes to 159/92, and I feel it in my head. Its like a viscious cycle, and its very disheartining. I have held consistent employment since the age of 15 (im 25) hold a college degree, and have delt without med's for my anxiety my entire life. Now it seems that it has become a little more debilitating and my confidence is shot. I dont want to let anxiety & moderately high bp ruin my dreams of owning my own biz, can anyone relate? Any techniques to deal? Anything?

Thanks for reading my long write :)
I know how you feel to a degree....I have anxiety to the point to where I feel nauseous and it's HORRIBLE! I also like this girl and just feel loads of anxiety when around her. However, things are getting better, and these are the only tips I could give you that have worked for me....

First off I might add I'm aking medication from a doctor, but I think it's all psychological.

Secondly, try and keep your mind of your anxiety. I know that's easy to say, because people would tell me that and I would try to explain it's not liking turning a switch on or off, I can't control my mind. But what I mean by keep your mind off your anxiety is by keeping yourself busy, do things that don't stress you out.

Thirdly, try "baby steps". Getting over anxiety isn't going to happen all at once, it's going to take months, and I'm still in the process of changing. However, for me, my anxiety was worse around this girl, and especially around food. So the both combined was the ultimate whammy, haha. So what I tried was hanging around the girl without any food involved, not even the word brought up. I then hung out with here again without food. Then I started brining food in little by little when I thought I could control myself. Then I went to a restaurant with her. So basically, don't try to take big leaps. It's the turtle that won the race against the hare.

Another tip would to be honest. Tell friends and family so they can understand rather than have to pretend everything was alright. Before I go out I always talk to a friend to encourage me and help me through everything.

Another small but helpful tip would be to ask yourself what you fear. By this I mean, what's causing you anxiety and why? Using something you described as an example. If you're filling out a form and someone is staring at you. Ask yourself, "What's going to happen if they continue to stare? (NOTHING!). "They probably aren't going to say anything, and if they do, it's probably not going to be hurry up." "I'm worrying over nothing, it's no big deal, I'm completely fine." It's hard at first, but it catches up with you.

Hope any of this helps, I know it sure has for me, and I'm still growing through this process. Stay strong!!!!!!!:)

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