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Actually thats not entirely correct, Lexapro does not stimulate your body to produce more serotonin, it prevents your body from reuptaking the serotonin into the synaptic cell, which means there's more serotonin available in the brain.

I understand you're scared about the medication you're taking, don't feel defeated, just look at it as a helping hand for a few months. Modern scientific thought views depression as a consequence of a chemical imbalance in the brain, lexapro will help restore a balance. You will not feel spaced out, or in any way altered, you will just feel normal, better; look forward to it.

Remember though, a positive attitude goes a long way to helping you become anxiety free. In my opinion medication (in most cases) shouldn't be a crutch forever, it just helps us out when we really can't cope.

I have been on and off SSRI's for years now due to anxiety and am only just coming to terms with my anxiety through a positive attitude and a more healthy diet. Its hard though and i haven't ruled out medication if i need it again. We have to remember this is something we can't escape, we need to face the problem and beat it. I try to think about the other boards on this site, lots of amazing people deal with worse problems every day. If we're strong we can overcome anything and live normal happy lives.

wishing you good luck.

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