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Needing to take a deep breath and yawning is a big indicator of anxiety problems. Since you seem to have been tested well, I doubt that heart problems are the cause of this. I have been an anxious person my entire life, and find that when in an anxious mood, I tend to yawn about every 1.5-2 minutes...which isn't normal. I had my first "panice attack" of my life a couple months ago, I'm 21 years old, and have been on Zoloft since that attack. I have also been on Xanax, and Ativan. Xanax didn't seem to work to well with me, it made me very tired...and a little clumsy. Ativan worked extremely well and helped tremendously during my first few weeks transitioning onto the Zoloft. I wouldn't recommend driving after taking it until you become adjusted to it. It definatley calmed me down, allowed me to relax enough to where I wouldn't think about my breathing/yawning issue. After using it for 3 weeks it actually began making things worse, so I stopped taking it, suffered very few side affects, and am pretty content with just taking Zoloft. I find I'm yawing much less, am in a better mood, don't bite my nails or pull at my hair as I used to...I think for me the problem with my breathing was that I continually THOUGHT about it. When you continually THINK about it, breathing no longer becomes automatic, it becomes "forced". Forced breathing/shallow breathing can cause lightheadedness, thoughts of passing out, and panic attacks. I hope that you find your own way to cope with the problem, Zoloft has worked with me very well, but the initial side affects was hell...
Goodluck, and you're not alone! :angel:

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