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Depakote is a mood stabelizer as well as a anti seizure medication.

Several mood stabelizers are used to control anxiety.

I am on Topamax for potential seizures and it did not control my anxiety. I have now added Zoloft. But others coud have success with depakote.

I personally wouldn't try depakote because of the huge weight gain side effect. I can not afford to gain any more weight.

You can check the Epilepsy site on this board. There are many people with epilepsy that suffer from anxieties because of thier condition.
I just started at 25mg of Zoloft and will increase to 50mg after 5 days. I was prescribed for both anxiety and depression.

I am taking Klonopin as well to off set any side effects I may have during the initial phase. I normally take klonopin but I would like to come off after a couple on months on the Zoloft. I have to admit this med is the only one I havn't really felt any side effect yet. It is early in the game so we will see.

As far as the mood stabelizers - yes some doctors are prescribing them to people with minor depression and for people who have some anxiety along with sleeping problems. The only problem - I have found - is that they tend to make me feel "uneasy" and that is not a good feeling when you have panic or anxiety. So for the person with some minor issues with anxiety I think it might be OK but not for someone who suffers bad. That's my opinion.

I have to say that they do make me sleepy so I take my Topamax at night and I am now sleeping through the night. Which finally after 25 years of waking up 4 or 5 times a night this is a blessing.

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