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Just to give everyone a little background on myself. Ever since childhood I have had nervous tendencies, biting nails, twitches, etc. It never occurred to me until a couple years ago that I may actually have a mental disorder (i.e. anxiety disorder). This realization was bestowed upon me about 3 years ago after I had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance with a heart rate over 200 beats per minute and my entire body had gone numb. After having some tests done, I was told I had had a "panic attack". This almost assuredly had been triggered by a long weekend of binge drinking that had immediately preceeded this attack. After another emergency room visit that week in which I was shaking so badly I couldn't even talk and 3 days of not eating or sleeping (the entire time I thought I was going to die). This was literally a panic attack that lasted for 3 days. I was just about to quit my job and move back home as I thought I was either dying or going crazy. It finally hit me, there was nothing physically wrong with me. The doctors had done tests on my heart, full blood work and I was given a clean bill of health. So I started taking deep, controlled breaths and almost embraced the attack telling myself "there is nothing wrong with me, let it happen". After a couple minutes of this I finally started to slowly snap out of it. My heart rate began to decrease and I began to feel a calm that my body had not felt in days. I stopped drinking alcohol for quite a while (I probably should have stopped completely after this episode). Slowly over the next 3 years the attacks got less and less severe using this method and eventually they stopped completely. I thought I had finally conquered my anxiety. That is up until about a month ago. I started having frequent heart palpitations and I noticed this was usually after a night of drinking so I figured it was simply the alcohol aggravating my anxiety. I have since dramatically reduced my alcohol intake to at the most one night a week and just a couple drinks. This seems to have helped and the heart palpitations have subsided. Now, about a week ago while at work I began feeling very lightheaded and started having symptoms of dissociation (everything seemed to be in a fog). I tried going to the gym later that night and had to stop working out because I began getting dizzy and nauseas. The next morning I woke up and my arms and legs felt like "jelly" and I was still lightheaded and just "out of it". (Its like that feeling you get when you are coming down with the flu, except I don't have the flu). I was hoping these symptoms would go away but as of today they have not, nor have they gotten better. My life has been put on hold as I can no longer work out feeling this way and my work is severely suffering at my job (also having trouble concentrating). Is this my anxiety yet again manifesting itself with different symptoms? These symptoms are scary because I have never had any of these related to anxiety before so now I am questioning if that is what is actually causing them. I am very frustrated as it seems when I am finally able to conquer and control a symptom of anxiety, it seems to rear its ugly head in a new, different way and I am right back where I started. Has anyone else experienced this same frustration? At any rate, for piece of mind I have a doctors appt this Thursday to see if these symptoms are non-anxiety related. Unfortunately, this worrying has made my panic attacks re-appear. This disorder is the worst.

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