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ABRENA harray for you ,you are so right i cant take anti d's none have ever worked for me i take xanax and im not addicted i take as needed for panic and your right its no different then any other meds out there where we have to take for life ,and if the xanax ,klonipins ,ativan works to keep us calm why take them away i went to a neuro dr and they saw i was taking xanax i take 3 -1 mgs per day once in awhile if my panic is really bad i take 4 but not often ,i refuse to take anymore anti d's and they can kiss my you know what .if we need them we need them we all suffer from all those drug addicts out there who abuse them but like people like us we are made out for the drs to think we are either addicted or will become addicted some are some not im not my sister is but she takes all kinds of meds and more then shes suppose too i have half a bottol of xanax left when its time for my refill my sister runs out the 2nd week of the month but not everyone is the same she can go 4 mos without hers and does fine me id be at the crazy house because i will be freakingout and calling 911 thats how scared i get .but BIG HI 5 TO YOU ABRENA you said it right on the nose !!!

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