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I suffer from G.A.D. with Panic Attacks and have taken Clonazepam for three
years now. It is the only Benzo that seems to help calm me so I can function.
My Anxiety sypmtoms have changed recently to a fuzzy head feeling. I feel
like my head is under water and that is also how I view my surroundings. I have ear, head and eye pressure. Doc wants to put me on antidepressant
Mirtazapine. I'm scared to take It since it changes your brain chemistry. Has
anyone taken Clonazepam and Mirtazapine together? What was your experience?
i take Klonopin and Zoloft together. And so far (3 weeks) I feel great. Well, the first 2 weeks were kind of touch and go but today was the day I started to feel good.

My "dream like" state is starting fade a bit. I have the same thing you do right now but is getting better.

You shoud try it if you doctor thinks (and you) it can get rid of the cloudy feeling.

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