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For a quick fix of anxiety I like any other benzo other than klonopin like valium,xanax,and ativan.But I've been on klonopin fo oh....11 years now.I take 2 to 3 miligrams a day.Its better than xanax or any other benzo because its the least addictive and has the longest half life,staying in your system longer.
What sucks is overtime you will eventually build a tolerance and instead of sedating you it will more less feal like a ten minute pill.
So long term nothing is "good"but if your going to take anything you or your doctor thinks you will need for along duration of time I would support klonopin.
If its more less a two week thing after something tramatic get the good stuff!;)
but the catch 22 is its to good.So benzos that are only ment for weeks typically turn into years and it will make you jaded and in my case a fealing of being slugish and stupid and "half the man I used to be"
I have been taking it and I noticed that I don't have as much anxiety, but with the Xanax I liked the feeling of feeling good. Like a sense of relief would come over me that felt so good when the medicine kicked in and I was so happy for about an hour. I've only been on Klonopin for 2 days though so will it end up acting that way too? Or do I already got the full affect now?

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