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I have currently been on .5MG of xanax and my psychiatrist has switched me to klonopin to take tonight and says it is a better med in which you can take longer. I had a seizure a week prior to my visit today and it's also a med. for seizures while xanax can affect seizuric activity in your brain. The xanax took the edge off when I felt horrible but it doesn't work for long term effects just lasts a couple of hours. My psychiatrist tells me klonopin lasts longer and is used for more long-term use. How long does it take to kick in and also does it make you feel better than xanax? Does it kick in as quick as xanax? Did you get the cloudy headed feeling from klonopin? I have that feeling that I'm so lost right now and I feel like I am dying and nothing will work, the xanax helped me feel a little positive. Do you think I am better off on klonopin? please help.
I take klonopin. I like it bettr than xanax. I use it for anxiety, panic and potential seizures (still up in the air with the diagnosis).

Klonopin stays in your system longer. When you start taking it make sure you take the first one at home to see how you react to it. I take .25 as needed. Lately I have been taking up to 1 mg daily.

Especially with seizure activity Klonopin in my opinion is better
Well I took one last night and didn't feel to bad. I had it in my head that it was going to make me sick as I do every other medicine I've ever taken. I'm going to stick with it though because it relieves seizuric activity and I have rare seizures which haven't been diagnosed yet. Do you say you get seizures too? Do you see a neuro? If so, How do they start?
Me having seizures is still up in the air. Every neuro has there own opinion on reading EEGs. I am going nezxt week for my third and final opinion.

If you have not had an EEG done - get one done through a neurologist.

I am taking Zoloft to help with my anxiety and klonopin to help with anxiety as well as any potential seizures.

How much Klonopin are you taking?

FYI: Alot of people who have seizures have anxiety as well. So don;t feel as though you are alone in this.
Yes I do. Alot of people with anxiety feel this way. Make sure you are getting therapy along with practicing meditation, visualization and breathing tech.

People can have a normal EEG and still have seizures. Just like people who have an abnormal EEG may not be getting seizures. Not very helpful is it!

You may want to try some medications (ssri) for a bit to help you cope.

I am here if you need to talk!
For a quick fix of anxiety I like any other benzo other than klonopin like valium,xanax,and ativan.But I've been on klonopin fo oh....11 years now.I take 2 to 3 miligrams a day.Its better than xanax or any other benzo because its the least addictive and has the longest half life,staying in your system longer.
What sucks is overtime you will eventually build a tolerance and instead of sedating you it will more less feal like a ten minute pill.
So long term nothing is "good"but if your going to take anything you or your doctor thinks you will need for along duration of time I would support klonopin.
If its more less a two week thing after something tramatic get the good stuff!;)
but the catch 22 is its to good.So benzos that are only ment for weeks typically turn into years and it will make you jaded and in my case a fealing of being slugish and stupid and "half the man I used to be"

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