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For the most part my anxiety on this has decreased, but it does come back every once a in a while. I still have not had any alcohol since Nov 25th, so I would think the withdrawals would be done... I'm trying very hard to find out what triggers it. After a rough night last night, I finally decided I've had it, and I'm going to see a psychiatrist that specializes in pshych disorders, anxiety disorders, and chemical dependency issues.
Its weird that all of my life I havent experienced this anywhere close to as bad as it is now. (Except when I was a young boy, maybe in 5th grade.) I used to always worry that I'd walk out of school to go look for my mom to pick me up but wouldnt be there because someone killed her. I remember seeing a part of a movie back then of a woman getting mugged and stabbed. That probably triggered that anxiety I had. My counselor at school told me to put a rubber band around my wrist, and every time I had these thoughts to snap it really hard. It eventually went away, but now its back, and worse. My Xanax has even stopped working as well as it used to...

Another thing I noticed- when I have a stomach ache, like nausea in particular- I get very anxious. Not about my stomach ache. Just overall anxious.
Last night we went to a Sushi restaurant which is a buffet, perhaps I ate too much or something bad. But I was nauseated when i got home, and my anxiety was so bad, I just took my medicine and desperately tried to go to sleep to just end the day.

Another thing I wonder about is- if we the people in this thread have these thoughts about hurting our close ones (but don't want the thoughts) who are the people who actually do hurt their family members? What causes them to do it? How can we be sure that we won't act on our obsessive thoughts?

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