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Hi Erika,
I'm on South Carolina and it is almost 10pm here. I'm sorry you did not not sleep well. If I drink caffeine at dinner I also having trouble sleeping. Also, if I eat a lot of sugar it also can affect my sleep. I also do the same as you. If I wake up or can't go to sleep at night I lay there and think and think and think about everything and anything. I also try to read something fictional at night to help me go to sleep. Reading helps to get out of my head. I wanted to tell you that last night I read some interesting posting on the Anxiety tips post at the top. Many of these posts are from people who overcome or dealt with their anxiety with different techniques. They were very inspirational. If you can't sleep at night don't let your thoughts get the best of you. Try to read or just get up and watch some TV if you can. When you can't sleep at night and your thoughts are going crazy try to write them down. Then look at your thoughts that you write down and replace them with positive statements. Your thoughts have a lot of power and can keep you anxious if you let them. I hope you sleep well tonight. The Lexapro will help in about 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, develop some good stress relieveing activities. Breathing, Relaxing, Exercise, and avoid caffeine. When you are going through high anxiety times avoid caffeine all day. Best Wishes!

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