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hi im just wondering if anyone can tell me which is better klonipins or xanax i take 1 mg xanax 3 times a day for severe panic and possibly seizures im being tested for that but im believeing it is seizures too .if the drs give out the xanax or klonipins why cant we have them without the drs allways saying oh no you have to get off them ok another question if i was to get off the xanax by going to a rehab im not addicted i take as needed like the dr said too i have only been on them since march 06 my sister takes klonipins 1 mgs 3 times a day i take xanax 1 mgs 3 times a day and im scared that if i was to come off them id have another big panic attack i have had panic all my life but i never knew it till march 06 when i had my first big one and was put on xanax i had no idea what they were for or nothing ,but they calm me down and with having seizures too i need them .and i cant sleep without them either before i knew i had panic i had to take sleep aid pills or id never fall asleep i have tried several anti depressents and none work for me .so what is the answer why do drs do this and why cant we take them for life if we need them ,and there are people out there who really need them but the ones who abused them are the reason we suffer and its not fair ,and does klonipins help as fast as the xanax????
any advice would help

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