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Hey vickie, i'm pretty sure we've talked in some other threads also. I go through the same exact thing as you in which I have seizures (undiagonosed still) and also took xanax for the past 3 months until about 2 days ago they switched me to klonopin for anti anxiety and anti seizure. klonopin is also a anti seizure med which helps control the seizuric activity in your brain, that's why they switched me, I rarely have seizures but when I do they are very scary and start always from stomach cramps. I liked the xanax too because it made me feel good almost instantly when I was in a complete panic, but the klonopin is better in my opinion because it isn't as addicting and the effects are longer lasting. If I were you I would make the switch too. I was anxious the night I started taking the klonopin because I was scared it might not be as good as the xanax and that it would make me sick, it made me mildly nauseous but it works better in my opinion. Give it a shot, you might like it and if not go back to your Dr. and request xanax. If your Dr. is unable to cooperate I would think maybe about switching doctors to one that will listen a little better. Reply back, Scottie
i suffer from the same things as both of you and Klonopin in my opinion is better. It lasts longer in your system and I took it less often than Xanax.

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