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Yes. Unfortunately, you are in the thros of high anxiety. I've been there and it is not fun. Right now your body and mind are sensitized for all the anxiety and this will cause all kind of symptoms. I remember laying in the bed trying to sleep and feeling tired and closing my eyes and my body and mind awake suddenly as if someone was in the room I didn't know. Basic physiology says that what happens with anxiety is your Flight or Fight system (all those fun chemicals that cause anxiety) are in high gear right now. Basically, you feel like you are in a jungle and a tiger is chasing you. That is the way that I felt, anyway. This is not a permanent condition and will get better was your system is desensitized. The Klonopin will help to regulate your nervous system but it doesn't happen immediately. It does take time. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is try not to scare yourself (will increase the Fight or Flight response) with thoughts that scare you. Just realize that it is just anxiety and tell yourself: "This is just anxiety and will eventually go away". Everytime you have a thought that scares you or makes you more anxious replace that thought with a positive thought. This process is not easy in the beginning but does get easier and will work to help you realize you are in control and the anxiety is not. Also, try to do something that gets you out of your head. Do crossword puzzles or word find, read a magazine, DON"T surf the internet for symptoms you are experiencing (this increases anxiety). I'm 40 with a 8 year old daughter and I actually play my daughter's Nintendo DS (Donkey Kong). Playing this game get me out of my thoughts because I have to concentrate on the game. Anything that will help you get out of your head that you enjoy will be a good thing right now. I'm sorry if I ramble but I've been where you are right now and I emphasize with the way you are feeling and I wish I could take it all away. It does get better and try to care for yourself in a loving and caring way. Things that will also help get your nervous system back in a regulated state is: NO stimulants (caffeine, cut back on sugar), and try to get 1 hour of exercise everyday (walking, running, whatever you like). Best Wishes!! It will get better!!!
I too have experienced something similiar. Last year I went literally two weeks without a proper night's sleep. I would sleep an hour here and there, and I actually had to call in sick to work a couple of days. If I did go to work, I would sit there in a fog. I felt as if I could pass out any minute. However, I would go home and lay in bed, and I just could not sleep. My heart would race and I had all sorts of disturbing thoughts.

I found that I slept better in other places besides my bedroom (on the couch, floor, etc.) You know, I think sometimes just seeing the bed itself can bring on a panic attack. It just reminds you of the struggle and panic in the past. I have rearranged my room, and that actually helps for some odd reason.

Also, I highly suggest classical music or sleep cds. It gives your mind something else to focus on besides your thoughts. Keep bringing your attention back to the music; don't let yourself dwell on thoughts. I hope this of luck.

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