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Hi............I am hoping desperately that my story sounds familiar to some of you because I will feel better that I am being diagnosed correctly. I feel because all test come back negitive that they are throwing me into the diagnoses of anxiety/panic attacks. Here is my story.......

One year ago it all started. Just as I was falling asleep I would feel myself drifting off and then BAM!!! I would wake up with such a scare....eyes wide open and take a deep breath in. It happened each night and only just as I was falling asleep never again though the night. As time went on it would happen less and less.

Just as that stopped a new more intense feeling starting happpening. I would fall asleep and wake up to my heart racing and the feeling like I am vibrating or shaking........mostly my arms and legs and chest. You could see the shaking or tremor within me but my husband could feel it. It would happen several times a night.

Blood tests....negitive Heart monitor..........neg. though it showed my heart
was excelerated as if I just jogged around the block. Had a brain mri and mra
back in May.......neg.

All my doctors feel it is anxiety and I can't believe it. I have had anxiety before and it has always effected my stomach and knock on wood my stomach hasn't been better. I am afraid something is being overlooked but think at this point the doctors must think I am a hypocondreack. I have had a head ache now for about a week every day which is not normal for me.

My neurologist gave me cymbalta 30mg the other day and I was so nausous the whole day yesterday. She told me to discontinue and to call her today and she will prescribe something else.

Do my symptoms seem familiar to anyone? My attacks are worst when in bed sleeping though over the past few weeks I do feel my legs and arms shakey if I do to much. Feel like I am going crazy. I really have nothing to be anxious about. I have a good marriage and have nothing tramatic going on in my life. Besides some stress and agrivation from my kids I am ok.

Hoping someone could help...............Karen
[QUOTE=jasgirl;3349943]Hey You!
Thats too funny- I watch the Sylvia Browne things too and have experienced the (re entering thing) and that is scary,but I am mostly having a paralized thing with that.
Ummm... my health is bad in all areas right now tests of all kinds have been done.But I know atleast with me the vibrating/shaking is my anxiety (which before wasn't apart of my anxiety symptoms) so when I first felt it I was jumping to all sorts of what if's....and the second time it happened my cousin was with me and she couldn't see or feel any shaking/vibrating from me at all so we sound very similar with that.
But its good that your Dr has atleast been ruling out things by testing you for various things,instead of automatically saying its 'anxiety' but you said your stomach isn't involved at all-this could probably be just a new sign of your anxiety disorder (like it was for me)
Does it happen only at bedtime? like when you are waking up? or other times aswell? and does it happen mostly when on your back? or various positions?
I am sorry you are feeling its scary part of it-I know how CRAPPY it feels.But hopefully your Dr will give you something to treat the anxiety as needed type thing.And your afraid of it,is bringing on more anxiety before bedtime I think (just a thought?)
If you don't mind can you like describe an evening of it when its happened? like right away when you get into bed/waking up with the feeling?....
Ummm I hope your Dr will try you on something like I take (clonazapam,xanax,ativan....something)to keep you at ease and not just a sleeping pill.
Please keep in touch:)[/QUOTE]

When it first started about 2 months or so ago the closer I got that I knew I would be getting into bed my legs would start getting a wierd weak feeling. As soon as I got into bed it would intensify. My legs mostly just a really wierd lightly tingily feeling. I would fall asleep and wake up to heart racing and legs arms and chest shaking. Did not matter what position I was in. Whether on my back side whatever. It would happen maybe 3 times a night however through the night my legs and arms would still feel like dead weight. Even if I wasn't having an "episode" my legs would still feel like that. When I would go to turn my body to get into a new position a weird feeling would just go through my whole body.

What started happening about 2 or 3 weeks ago or so is that the waking up to heart palpatations have stopped but still have weakness and weird feeling in legs and arms especially upon changing postition. Also what starting happening is I am feeling this way at times during the day. Some days nothing but some days I just feel shakey all a buzz is going on in my body. Very annoying and scarey........for I was thinking I had MS or Parkinsons.

My doctor still hasn't called me to put me on new meds I will have to call her Monday. So glad I have people to talk to about this that are going through similar situations.........makes me feel so much better that I am not going crazy and I am not alone in this...........Karen

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