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Hi, I'm new to this board. Thank heavens i can finally talk about this to others who have the same thing going on. When i mention anxiety attack to anyone, they look at me like i'm crazy.
This is my story--about 10-12 years ago, i was working in an assisted living facility, making a residents' bed when i felt lightheaded, like i was going to pass out. i went outside the room, sat on the floor and an RN from PT came by, saw me and said sit. she came back with saltine crackers and oj, thinking i had low blood sugar. i went to the Dr who had me monitor for a period of 10 days. that was normal. she then went on to give me a list of symptoms, all of which i checked off and turned the pamphlet over--anxiety attacks. wow. how did this happen? i went on low dose of paxil, which eventually went off the market and i went off it cold turkey, not a pretty sight to see. i was then put on effexor 75mg. between then and now, i've been increased from that does to 150mg in the morning and 75 mg at night. couldn't function so i dosed myself down to just 75 mg every morning. i've had two prior episodes in the past 10 years where i felt the sudden urge to run to the bathroom and woke up on the floor in a pool of sweat. i've felt them coming on since and the other night i was going through an initiation at the elks lodge and felt hot in my head, sweating profusely, and things started going black. i leaned over to hubby and told him i was going to black out, he said you'll be ok. next thing i remember is someone asking about an ambulance and feeling sweaty, nauseaus and the sudden urge to run to the bathroom, which i couldn't, it was like i was paralyzed. eventually, i started coming out of it. folks said i wasn't out long and that i was talking to them. i don't remember it. they finally got me up into a chair with a cold wet towel and was back to normal. it left me feeling weak, tired and headachy. that's my story. anyone care to comment on it, feel free to help me out here. i'm scared to death of getting out in the car or out in a store somewhere and having this happen to me. i don't want to be confined to my house. my first Dr suggested i see a ''doctor'' to discuss things. my life is upside down, not speaking to daughter, son in iraq, husband who drinks and is verbally abusive. sometimes i just wish i'd wake up and it'll be in the past....all of it. thanks for listening to me. i've not had anyone who really understands this. i had a couple of 'friends' back away when they heard what happened, lilke they think they can catch it or something. help me please.

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