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I have GAD (no depression symptoms) and I've only needed to take Klonopin (1 mg) at night which helps me calm down and sleep if my mind is panicking and my body is exhausted. Since it remains in your system for quite awhile and has a long half-life, I find that I'm calmer during the day also. Also, I haven't noticed any side effects of this, and I've been taking it nightly for about 8 months.

I also manage my GAD by seeing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist to help change my negative / anxious thoughts, which has helped me tremendously. Taking vitamin supplements (namely fish oil, magnesium, 5-HTP (a precursor of serotonin), B-vitamins and a multi) and exercising have also lessened my anxiety to manageable levels without any antidepressants. I wouldn't try antidepressants unless it is a last resort, honestly, if you only have GAD. When stress is higher in my life, I practice relaxation techniques/activities (hot baths, deep breathing, meditation) to help prevent my anxiety from getting worse.

I hope some of my experience may be of help to you!

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