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Do you have the means to see a specialist?
There must be an underlying factor, as to why you're having anxiety at night.

If, in fact, at some point you "do" have to try med's...don't be frightened.
I experienced the same thing, although my situation is completely different and I'm much older than you.
Had it not been for the proper medication, I could not have functioned.

You sound like a candidate for bio-feedback, or just 'talking' it out, since it's not ruling your life. Maybe yoga---working out---going for daily walks---anything to breathe.
Deep breathing is essential for our wellbeing, also, as well as proper diet, exercise, positive mental outlook, etc.....

Good luck to you. But, like I said, --in the event you may someday, have to take something...don't be afraid. It's not a "life sentence." You can back-off, or quit whenever you feel better. Sometimes we all need a crutch. Life can be difficult...but, it can also be an adventure. Try counting your blessings, too---keep a journal, perhaps.

p.s. Like "Topamax" just said, xanax can be a life-saver. You can take them "as needed."


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