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Pam I am not sure of your entire situation but, let me tell you of mine as I too do not feel safe, even in my own bedroom ( Phobia ).:( This bedroom ( and shower too ) Phobia has hit me 2 times in my 28 years of suffering this Hell!!! My ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS is off the scale! I know by reading Dr Clare Weekes books and MANY others ( I have over $2000.00 just in books & tapes alone ). My husband does not understand and for 2 years after we were married he didn't even try to ( he does read some now but, not until he almost destroyed me with Lies, Deceit, & Betrayal. Within me and outside me also , I am only a shadow of my former self. See, I had faced this torment in 1993 and crawled my way out of Bed Ridden Depression. Since then I still have GAD/PAD ( Generalized Anxiety Disorder/Panic Disorder ). When my Stress level is at a normal level ( we all have stressors ) I seem so much beter BUT, when a Trama hits me ( ie: this bad marriage I am in ) then I go over the edge and ALL symptoms get crazy! I CAN NOT feel safe with this man who Betrayed me, Lied to me etc: My only safe people are my best friend and my daughter & son ) I DO NOT want to " burden " any of them as, in that depression I SWORE to me & God that, if He would only let me get out of my bedroom ( Phobia cause maybe? ) I WOULD DO EVERYTHING others were having to do for me then. Well, here I am, in a Horrible relationship and wanting back 1995 ( a very happy year for me ) so bad I cry. No one to " feel " that safeness with, no one to talk to , just ALONE. I face this EVERYDAY ALONE...I know I am depressed again BUT, this time I am on my feet fighting daily...My " what if's " I try to change to " so what's " ( learned that in CBT ). I am just so far in a setback I fel so lost, alone, scared and so NOT safe! I KNOW how you feel and all I can say is ..according to Dr Weekes, YOU are your ONLY " safe person/place ". So hard to think that then act on it... Well that's my Novel, I sure hope it helps and feel free to ask me ANYTHING.. If I have learned anything in 28 years of this hell it is, I WILL NOT HIDE anymore..
Good Luck hun
Oh I have to add, me & my husband DO NOT sleep in the same bed. Tomorrow I am going to give a try at going & sleeping back in my own bedroom ( alone ) and just keep saying " so what "..Wish me luck:(

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