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Hey people

Im looking for any help or advice regarding anxiety. I dont know if im just feeling anxious or embarassed, or suffer from an anxiety disorder (as im not 100% sure what they really are).

In a few various situations lately, i have become very flustered/uneasy and extremely self-conscious. This is not particularly often but always when attention is put on me - even though im not a shy person at all. I also worry about my appearance in public a lot more lately - as stupid as it seems.

Other examples -
- when im talking to someone that intimidates me
- when im talking in front of a large amount of people
- when im in a photo or video (i.e. very camera shy - i often cringe when i see photos or videos of me, knowing that others can see them as well).

This never used to happen, but I get the following symptoms (during a situation)-
- Change in heart rate
- tightening of the throat (often affecting my voice)
- stomach uneasiness
- flushing face
- cant keep eye contact
- feelings of worry and embarassment (after the situation)

It gets to the point where even months after certain situations, I cringe whenever I remember them - or make some odd noise to try and stop thinking about it. I suppose im embarassed/worried and self-conscious of how I appeared to everyone and anyone.

Basically, im trying to figure out if i have a problem, or if I am just feeling normal levels of anxiety and worry, or just cope with embarassment very badly and/or just embarass easily?

Any help is appreciated - sorry if this post seems pointless to you?

Thanks a lot

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