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Ok so anytime I am at the doctor or basically anywhere that isn't a "safe zone" I get these stomach cramps, which lead me to think I am going to pass out. I don't really get nauseated like most people, but my stomach does ache, and I get gas pains and eventually have to make a Bowel Movement which results in ribbon like bowel (disgusting I know), it's not really diahrea though, just a simple case of the craps. Anyhow, it is also hard for me to sit in class and listen to a lecture without getting these achy stomach cramps, and I also feel as if I am going to pass out. I have had every test in the book from an EEG to a colonoscopy and all came back unremarkable. Does anyone else experience this? If so will you explain how you feel in different situations and how it effects you.
Sounds like irritable bowel syndrome, brought on by nerves.
It started years ago for me and that's when I realized I had anxiety.

I wasn't even aware of my anxiety, until I started having cramps--like you said, in nervous-type situations. I was prescribed my first anti-anxiety pill (valium) which amazingly helped. I only took them "as needed."
I'm not a doctor, but it certainly sounds like stress to me.
Ask your doc for something mild to take once in awhile, if you're not opposed to something like that.
Good luck.
Oh...also breathe...long, deep invigorating breaths. That helps, too.
Well I've had pass out spells from my stomach cramps since the 6th grade and now they decide to try and figure out if they are seizures or not about 7 years later when I am a senior in high school. they think it's vasovagal syncope. But it makes things so much worse when I get in these nervous situations and my stomach cramps up because I think I am going to pass out. I am on Klonopin right now, and it's helping with my panic attacks and some of the anxiety, but I wonder if my stomach will ever get better. I am also depressed and not real sure why. These cramps are vigorious when bad, but when in nervous situations(like going to the doctor) I get the cramps and diahreaa and have to end up using the Drs. bathroom.
I have stomach cramps caused by anxiety, but I only experience them with extreme anxiety. I find that, as difficult as it can be, not worrying about them can help ease them a little (the more you worry about them the worse they get; a circular process).

I would have to agree with singer78 and would ask your GP for a mild anti-anxiety prescription if you do not mind going down that route (you could inquire about medication for the stomach cramps themselves, but I believe it would be best to treat the root cause).

Never underestimate the power of anxiety and the pschophysiological symptoms it can produce; but remember that is all it is - a symptom of anxiety.
I suffered from that for many many years. They told me first I had a nervous stomach, and then it was finally IBS. I was finally correctly diagnosed with Celiac Disease, changed my diet and I no longer have "nervous stomach" issues. Something to possibly look into.

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